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The Brawling Brothers Boardgaming Podcast is a biweekly podcast that focuses on board games, card games and RPGs. The original Brawlers (Josh and Brandon) are 2 friends who like very different types of games. The show focuses on these differing preferences and (hopeless) attempts to sway each other's opinion. Each show includes light, friendly banter, a game review (in print), a combative segment called "Brawling and Boardgaming", a check in on BGG's "Hotness" and a brief discussion of a topic that has importance to us... Well, one of us, at least. While the "Brawling and Boardgaming" can get a bit heated at times, Josh and Brandon play games for the same reason: SOCIAL INTERACTION. The Brawlers love of meeting new people, playing games with old friends and interact with gamers all around the world is the simple reason that Brawling Brothers was founded. Join us as we attempt to spread our influence throughout the gaming community, encouraging people to form gaming groups, organize events, and evaluate just how great (OR NOT) those old games that Josh loves really are. Let's hope we can agree to disagree before a major fight breaks out!
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Jul 13, 2021

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 7/13/21

This episode is brought to you by and Grand Gamers Guild. Godspeed, Brawlers. And thanks for all the churros.


Episode Timeline:

Intro / Banter - 0:00:00
VM With Dracul and Igor - 0:06:28
Special THANKS to everyone - 0:11:19
VM With BAKER BOBO - 0:18:15
VM With John Wolff - 0:19:50
Conversation with Grand Gamers Guild - 0:20:35
VM With Owen Wilson - 0:48:43
VM With Tim - 0:50:07
Conversation with Power to the Meeple - 0:50:59
VM With Florida Baker - 1:21:45
VM With David of Man vs Meeple - 1:22:30
Board Game Stats with Noel - 1:23:38
VM With Chris VoodooChyl - 2:26:59
Feature Segment : Josh and Brandon TOP 10 BOARD GAMES - 2:29:13
Feature Segment : Live Play One Shot RPG with Ludie - 2:52:27

Board Game Timestamps:

This section intentionally left blank.

Jun 10, 2021

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 6/10/21

This episode is brought to you by and Grand Gamers Guild. Now that Brandon has decided to catch up with the rest of the world and finish The Mandalorian, he & Josh discuss the 2nd season of the show in a SPOILER FREE fashion! While we have been busy with travel and interviews related to the last few shows, we have still managed to play some excellent games - We discuss Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates & Raccoon Tycoon (both from designer Glenn Drover), Mountain Goats ( & present our Nemesis Review!  We close up the show with a hilarious version of Questions from the Hat with Cat and Boardgame Bella (Jordan).  Come and laugh along with us!

Don't forget that we need your voicemails for our final episode!  Call us TODAY at 575-616-2767(BROS) and contribute to The Brawling Brothers for the final time!

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 - Intro / Banter
0:05:05 - Quick Popper #1
0:16:10 - The Mandalorian Chat
0:26:26 - VM with Banana Mustang
0:24:50 - TNT - NOW ft. Our Nemesis Review
0:43:52 - Quick Popper #2
1:40:45 - VM With Henry Kissenger / Joe Pilkus
1:41:20 - Feature Segment : Questions with Cat and Jordan

Board Game Timestamps:

Extraordinary Adventures : Pirates - 0:24:50
Mountain Goats - 0:51:30
Nemesis Review - 1:08:41
Racoon Tycoon - 0:58:00

May 25, 2021

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 4/27/21

This episode is brought to you by PowerToTheMeeple.comTravel has opened back up and Jordan and Brandon intend to travel the world!  First stop, New Orleans - second stop, a  chestnut farm? Josh's game group is back together and Descent was on the menu!  The Brawling Brothers present their Lockup: Breakout review as well as offer up thoughts on Ruthless + Ruthless: Tall Tales.  The episode is wrapped up with a special announcement that all the Brawlers in Brawling Land should tune in for.

0:00:00 - Intro / Banter
0:02:40 - Josh Gets his gaming group back
0:04:40 - Brandons Life Changes / Congrats Jordan
0:13:34 - Brandon Travels to New Orleans
0:30:30 - TNT - NOW -- ft. Star Wars Unlock
1:05:56 - TNT - TOMORROW --  ft. Lockup: Break Out
1:35:40 - Feature Segment : A Special BB Announcement

Board Game Timestamps:

Beyond the Sun - 0:50:12
Descent - 0:57:50
LockUp : BreakOut Review - 1:05:56
Q.E. - 1:00:30
Ruthless + Ruthless: Tall Tales - 1:17:55
Star Wars Unlock! - 0:30:30

May 11, 2021

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 4/27/21

This episode is brought to you by Grand Gamers Guild & PowerToTheMeeple.comJoin Josh and Brandon as they explores the very edges of the galaxy in their Beyond the Sun Review!  If a review of one AAA-title isn't enough for you, how about TWO?  We dive deep with our Dwellings of Eldervale Review and discuss the true mystery in this episode - the mystery of The Mystery Stick!  Josh and Brandon close up the show with the long awaited 2020 Board Game Awards!  Tune in to find out what game wins GAME OF THE YEAR, Brawlers Choice, BADASS Brawler of the Year and much more!

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 - Intro / Banter
0:05:00 - Discord Highlights
0:09:15 - Mystery Stick
0:19:32 - TNT - NOW : ft. Beyond the Sun Review
1:01:00 - TNT - TOMORROW : ft. Dice of Dragons
1:07:48 - Feature Segment : Brawling Brothers Board Game Awards 2020

Board Game Timestamps:

Beyond the Sun Review - 0:19:32
Dice of Dragons - 1:01:00
The Dwellings of Eldervale - 0:37:57

Apr 27, 2021

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 4/27/21

This episode is brought to you by Grand Gamers Guild & Josh has a new look and it's been haunting Brandon's dreams!  The 2nd Annual Brawlers Choice voting is underway - cast your vote and be heard!  Josh and Brandon discuss a handful of exciting new boardgames they have been playing, including Black Angel and a BUNCH of Dominion expansions.  Tune in for the Tawantinsuyu review and then learn all about the thinky new card game from Grand Gamers Guild - Aldabas! If you're some light hearted conversation, you will love the chat with Seppy Yoon of Fight in a Box.  Josh and Brandon close up with show with an exciting activity - re-ranking the BGG top 500.  Tune in for board game chatter, stay for the laughs and jabs. GAME ON, BRAWLERS!

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 - Intro / Banter
0:04:28 - Brawling Brothers Brawlers Choice Award - VOTE!
0:05:30 - Josh's New Look
0:14:55 - TNT - THEN ft. Dominion
1:01:50 - TNT - TOMORROW ft. Aldabas
1:10:51 - TNT - TOMORROW : Interview: Seppy Yoon - Fight in a Box
1:37:00 - Feature Segment : BGG Top 500 Picks - Ranked

Board Game Timestamps:

Aldabas - 1:01:50
Black Angel - 0:27:40
Dominion - 0:14:55
Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber - 1:10:51
RallyMan GT - 0:53:58
Tawantinsuyu - 0:41:51

Apr 13, 2021

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 4/13/21

This episode is brought to you by Grand Gamers Guild & Join Josh and Brandon as they discuss all the exciting GAMES they've been playing, digital and analog!  Including It Takes Two, Firenze, Faiyum Review, Block and Key Review, Tournament at Avalon and so many more. The Brawling Brothers announce their second annual Brawlers Choice award - nominations are now open and they need all the Brawlers in Brawling Land to contribute.  What was YOUR favorite game last year? Tell us about it over on the guild.  The show is closed up with an in depth look at some of our favorite games from our favorite designers (No spoilers.... You have to listen!).  Brawl on, baby!

Mar 23, 2021

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 3/23/21

This episode is brought to you by Grand Gamers Guild & Join Josh and Brandon for their first themed episode in a very long time - This time we celebrate the greatness of Sherlock Holmes and explore a handful of Sherlock themed board games.  Tune in for a look at Beyond Baker Street, Foul Play, The Sherlock Files VIII and the Van Ryder "Graphic Novel Adventures" Sherlock Holmes: Four Investigations. Josh and Brandon finally dig into the exciting new AEG title, Mariposas! Find out what they think in their Mariposas Review and hang out for the DEEP DIVE preview of Dive, an upcoming game of observation from Sit Down Games. Episode 144 is wrapped up with a look at the mover's and shaker's according to BGG - we focus on the 10 biggest board game movers as it pertains to recent BGG Rankings!

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 - Intro / Banter
0:03:00 - A Sherlock Themed Episode
0:06:00 - Gen Con and Origins Dates
0:12:00 - TNT - THEN ft. 221 B Baker Street
0:23:05 - TNT - NOW
1:13:08 - TNT - TOMORROW ft. Dive
1:27:12 - Feature Segment : BGG Movers and Shakers - TOP 10 Movers

Board Game Timestamps:

221 B Baker Street - 0:12:00
Beyond Baker Street - 0:43:55
DIVE - 1:13:08
Foul Play: The Manor House Murder - 0:52:39
Mariposas Review - 0:59:00
The Sherlock Files: Volume 3 - 0:23:05
VanRyder Graphic Novel Adventures : Sherlock - 0:32:52


Mar 9, 2021

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 3/9/21

This episode is brought to you by Josh and Brandon have one hell of a mail call followed by the real surprise in this episode - a real life TREASURE HUNT!  They flash back to look at a cut-throat a treasure of yesteryear - Lowenherz by Klaus Teuber, offer up their Kanban EV Review as well as discuss their recent plays of Llama, Trekking the World, Jaws of the Lion and Back to the Future: Back in Time.  Josh and Brandon look at the exciting upcoming video game from Asmodee Digital and Fantasy Flight Games, Arkham Horror: Mothers Embrace, followed by their review of Meeples & Monsters!  We show is closed out with more details on the real life TREASURE HUNT - The Brothers tell the tale of The Secret: A Treasure Hunt, covering some of the finds that have already been made and discussing the 9 treasures that haven't!

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 - Intro / Banter
0:17:05 - TNT - THEN : Featuring Lowenherz
0:34:04 - TNT - NOW : Featuring Kanban EV Review
1:19:00 - TNT - TOMORROW : Featuring Meeples & Monsters Review
1:30:10 Feature Segment - The Secret: A Treasure Hun

Board Game Timestamps:

Arkham Horror: Mothers Embrace - 1:19:00
Back to the Future: Back in Time - 0:56:40
Jaws of the Lion - 0:46:55
Kanban EV Review - 1:09:30
Llama - 0:34:04
Lowenherz - 0:17:05
Meeples and Monsters Review - 1:21:50
Trekking the World - 0:39:04


Feb 23, 2021

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 2/23/21

This episode is brought to you by Grand Gamers Guild & PowerToTheMeeple.comJoin Josh and Brandon as they discuss their most recent boardgame plays, including: Our Hallertau review, Cubitos review, Renature and Pillars of the Earth.  We also have dove (head first!) into Pandemic Legacy Season 0.... Tune in for NO other reason than to hear how painful this is for Josh!  Did you know that both Carcassonne AND Ticket to Ride have Anniversary editions coming out this year? We'll give you all the details! We close out the show with an in depth discussion on...... TELEVISION!  We name our favorite streaming services and discuss the shows that we are completely obsessed with!

Feb 9, 2021

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 2/9/21

This episode is brought to you by PowerToTheMeeple.comJosh and Brandon are back at it in Episode 141, this time talking puppies, McDonalds Happy Meal Toys, video games and even a little board games!  The Brawling Brothers reveal their Christmas Haul and discuss some of the games they are the most excited to play in the upcoming weeks, including Pax Pamir, Racoon Tycoon and Kanban EV. The guys discuss their most recent plays of Pan Am & For Glory, plus they offer up their Castles of Tuscany Review and CloudAge Review.  The show is wrapped up with discussion of exciting new kickstarters; Cult of the Deep and Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber.

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 - Intro / Banter
0:03:35 - Apologies with Josh
0:06:00 - Video Games
0:15:15 - McDonalds Board Games
0:18:17 - Powered by Power to the Meeple
0:19:40 - TNT - Then -- Acquisitions
0:36:00 - TNT - Now -- Featuring Castles of Tuscany Review
1:23:25 - TNT - Tomorrow -- Featuring Cult of the Deep

Board Game Timestamps:

5 Second Rule - 0:36:00
CloudAge Review - 0:43:50
Pan Am - 0:54:25
Castles of Tuscany Review - 1:03:48
For Glory - 1:11:25
Cult of the Deep - 1:23:25
Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber - 1:33:30

Jan 26, 2021

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 1/26/21

This episode is brought to you by Grand Gamers Guild & Our expectations were that 2021 would start with a bang, and boy were we right!  Find out why the Brawling Brothers have been MIA at the turn of the year, then hang out to hear about some of the games we have been playing recently, including Flamme Rouge, Dune Imperium, Wingspan and more.  We also offer up our Endangered Review, as well as relive the excitement of Joshs' most recent Axis and Allies campaign! Noel and Jordan join us to discuss the best (and worse) of 2020 and we collectively look ahead and make some predictions on 2021.

Technical Notes: We somehow managed to prove that 2020 lingers - a dead hard drive sends the end of our NOW segment and our entire TOMORROW segment into a tailspin, as a result we lost For Glory (Spielcraft Games) and Cult of the Deep (B.A. Games).  Stay tuned for our recut of that content in Episode 141.

Dec 22, 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 12/22/20

This episode is brought to you by
Thanks to the great pandemic of 2020,  this years holiday celebration is particularly important. Join Josh and Brandon as they look at favorite holiday traditions, including favorite Christmas movies!  A quick call on the War Room Red Phone insures that the North Pole has Christmas COMPLETELY under control.  Our recent plays have included some of the best games of the year - check out our thoughts on Detective Modern Crime Board Game - Season 1, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Dune Imperium and The Kringle Caper are all discussed at length - then we discuss some exciting upcoming releases, like: Darwin's Journey, SOS Titanic DELUXE and Vindication + The Chronicles Expansion. We wrap the show up with a Christmas celebration of our own!  Join us as we open our Secret Santa gifts, and revisit our favorite Brawling Brothers Christmas carols from years past.

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 - Intro / Banter
0:07:25 - BoredOfflineBoardOnline Giveaway
0:10:45 - The Professors Lab
0:15:10 - Red Phone Call to the North Pole
0:28:31 - TNT - Then -- Fave Christmas Movies!
0:56:11 - TNT - NOW
1:49:00 - TNT - Tomorrow
2:06:30 - Feature Segment : 5th Annual Christmas Bonanza Gift Opening!
2:19:00 - Christmas Hits Medley
2:19:14 ---- Brandon Baby
2:22:03 --- It's Beginning to Look A lot like Game Night
2:24:38 --- Let it Roll
2:26:31 ---- Do You Hear What I Hear?
2:29:12 ---- 12 Nights of Brawling Christmas

Board Game Timestamps:

Darwin's Journey -1:49:00
Detective Modern Crime Board Game S1 - 0:56:11
Dune Imperium - 1:27:45
Lost Ruins of Arnak - 1:12:00
SOS Titanic - 1:53:20
The Kringle Caper - 1:41:20
Vindication Chronicles - 1:58:00

Nov 24, 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 11/24/20

This episode is brought to you by and Thunderworks GamesJosh and Brandon have a host of contests to wrap up, but none will ever be as fun as Brawlers insulting Josh for prizes!  Don't forget to sign up for Brawling Brothers Christmas Bonanza - our gift exchange is always exceptional, and we love seeing happy Brawlers!  We take a deep dive look with our Rococo Deluxe Review!  Tune in to find out if we think Rococo Deluxe should be on every gamer's shelf.  We also look at Bites, Unlock: The Tonipals Treasure, Star Wars: Unlock! and Polis.  We wrap up this action packed episode with a rare treat - a video game review!  Listen in to find out what we think of Phasmophobia, the hot new indie game that has you hunting ghosts and cowering in corners!

Episode Timeline:

0:00:44 - Introduction
0:05:00 - Hitster Giveaway
0:07:00 - Curmudgeon Giveaway
0:08:00 - The Brawlers insult Josh (Featuring Grant Lyon)
0:25:31 - TNT: Then
0:45:55 - TNT: Now
1:14:39 - TNT: Tomorrow
1:22:55 - Feature Segment - Phasmophobia

Board Game Timestamps:

Rococo Deluxe Review - 0:26:00
Bites - 0:46:10
Unlock : Tonipals Treasure - 0:56:13
Star Wars: Unlock! - 1:08:08
Polis - 1:10:55
Dive - 1:15:00
Carpe Diem - 1:18:30
Phasmophobia - 1:22:55

Nov 10, 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 11/10/20

This episode is brought to you by and Thunderworks GamesJAM PACKED full of board game reviews!  We give our thoughts and opinions on Qwinto, Red Cathedral, QE, Cindr, Honeybuzz and more!  We look into the future and tell you that Hitster, Kokopelli and Townfolk Tussle are all hot, hot, hot!  We wrap up the show with a hilarious discussion with comedian, Grant Lyon. Join along and laugh with us as we discuss the life of a comic and Grant's transition to boardgame designer!

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 : Intro / Banter
0:22:45 : TNT - THEN
0:23:55 : TNT - NOW
1:23:20 : TNT - TOMORROW
1:22:05 : Feature Segment : Interview with Grant Lyon

Board Game Timestamps:

Cindr - 0:47:50
Curmudgeon - 1:51:00
Hitster - 1:00:36
Honey Buzz - 0:53:35
Kokopelli - 1:07:25
QE - 0:35:50
Qwinto - 0:23:55
The Red Cathedral - 0:29:45
Townfolk Tussle - 1:16:22

Oct 27, 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 10/27/20

This episode is brought to you by and Thunderworks Games2020 continues to provide the horror around here - learn all about our newest SCARE in our annual Halloween Episode - Welcome to the Horror in the War Room!  Josh and Brandon get an unexpected voicemail from a seasonal favorite.  Josh spends an evening at 13 Dead End Drive and lives to tell about it.  Spooky games is always the theme around here for Halloween - this year we experienced Paranormal Detectives, The Shining, Mystery House, and the beautiful werewolf game - Armata Strigoi. Our look to the future is an exciting one, featuring Shadow Network, Concordia Digital and Descent: Legends in the Dark. No Halloween celebration would be complete without a spooky story - Happy Halloween, Brawlers! 

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 : Intro / Banter
0:09:15 : VM with Dracul and Eyegore
0:14:35 : TNT - THEN
0:26:23 : TNT - NOW
1:13:41 : TNT - TOMORROW
2:07:50 : Feature Segment : Ghost Story


Board Game Timestamps:

13 Dead End Drive - 0:14:35
Armata Strigoi - 1:11:18
Concordia Digital - 1:38:35
Descent :Legends in the Dark - 1:43:20
Mystery House - 0:59:35
Paranormal Detectives - 0:26:23
Shadow Network -1:13:41
The Shining - 0:39:50

Oct 13, 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 10/13/20

This episode is brought to you by, Thunderworks Games and Unforgiven: The Lincoln Assassination Trial. Josh and Brandon discuss excitement 20 years in the making, the Baldurs Gate III Early Access! You can't count back 20 years without tripping over Tribune (2007) and Josh is delighted to have Brandon discuss his plays! Majority of our "big game plays" over the last month have involved Tekhenu, and we are excited to talk about it. We plugged in some filler games, around our Tekhenu plays, and can wait to talk about Point Salad, Lanterns and Silver and Gold! Our TOMORROW segment is jam packed - we'll leave some of it as a surprise, but want to mention our  Cartographers Heroes Review as well as our kickstarter preview of Unforgiven: The Lincoln Assassination Trial. We close out the show with an intimate chat with Tim Virnig, Pitchman extraordinaire for Thunderworks Games.


Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 - Intro / Banter
0:02:58 - More Digital Gaming (Baldurs Gate III)
0:14:17 - Shop Power to the Meeple
0:19:02 - TNT - Then
0:37:17 - TNT - Now
1:12:10 - TNT - Tomorrow
1:39:18 - Feature Segment : Conversations with Tim Virnig of Thunderworks Games


Board Game Timestamps:

Catographers Heroes - 1:29:10
For Sale Autorama - 1:12:10
Frostpunk: The Board Game - 1:14:00
Grand Austria Hotel: Let's Waltz - 1:17:25
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival - 1:00:50
Point Salad - 0:57:57
Silver & Gold - 1:04:05
Tekhenu - 0:37:17
Tribune - 0:19:02
Unforgiven: The Lincoln Assassination Trial - 1:21:20

Sep 22, 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 9/22/20

This episode is brought to you by In this episode, our grumpy old man gets new neighbors and Jay Winter sends us an outstanding voicemail!  We conclude our discord giveaway of Glen More II, thanks to The Professor - and we talk about all sorts of digital gaming goodness, including a full fledged Monster Train Review!  We flash back to a boardgame of yesteryear with a in depth look at Kingsburg (2nd Edition), then discuss our plays of Barrage, Illusion, The Game: Quick & Easy, New York Zoo and Out of This World. Our TOMORROW segment is filled to the brim with goodness, including discussion about the upcoming Chronicles of Crime expansions, Anno 1800, The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game, Cloudage, Dinosaur World and the new Anachrony expansion, Future Imperfect.

Sep 9, 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 9/9/20

This episode is brought to you by With the lack of conventions this year, we've decided to host 2 or 3 "mini-cons" for our local game group.  The last weekend of August saw us invade the beautiful and mysterious town of Cloudcroft, NM - JessupCon 2020... In the clouds!  Tune in and join special guests Jordan (Boardgame Bella), Johnny and Mo as they discuss our ridiculous accommodations, hordes of delicious food and days upon days of games!  We talk about our first plays of games like Trade on the Tigris, The Magnificent, Barrage and Medici.... And it would be a weekend full of games if we didn't pull out some Brawling Brothers favorites - we revisit Railways of the World, Brass, Stick 'em, Great Western Trail and so much more!  Join us and some of our best friends as we retell the epic weekend that was JessupCon 2020!  We also announce the upcoming Horror in the War Room, Halloween script contest - we want you to contribute! 

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 - Intro / Banter
0:03:18 - The War Room Welcomes the Great American Hero
0:08:35 - Giveaway - and new Giveaway announcement (Hint: Join Our Discord)
0:18:10 - Horror in the War Room Submissions
0:23:50 - Power to the Meeple - Summers End
0:25:21 - Feature Segment : JessupCon 2020


Aug 25, 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 8/25/20

This episode is brought to you by  Last year the Brawlers (our mixologists!) put together the finest blend of board games ever created.  It was dubbed the Brawlers Blend 2019 and became the standard for user-curated board game lists, all while boasting after-notes of vanilla and brown-sugar. Enter 2020 - the year of the BEAST. We knew we had to do something big - something even bigger than previous, so we scoured the countryside for those most capable of creating a delicious blend that could supplant the amazingly delicious work that we had previously created. Enter Mix Master Baker and Data-Lord Noel. Charged with creating something truly unique - something refreshing yet breathtaking. Mix Master Baker and Data-Lord Noel worked day and night to gather the information needed to create such a unprecedented experience, and we are here today to present the finest yet - The Brawlers Blend 2020! Join us in episode 132 to discover all of the Brawlers very favorite boardgames!


Aug 11, 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 8/11/20

This episode is brought to you by and Van Ryder Games. Well folks, our power problems are fixed thanks to Brawlers Kevin, ULF, Tim Root, Sal and Baker (ALLL THE BAKERS!). We discuss our upcoming adventures in Camp Capstone and learn about a nasty injury that Josh mysteriously received. Thanks to recent plays by Brandon and Jordan,  THEN is a flashback to a true classic - Agricola!  The NOW segment is full of gaming goodness, including a new Crossroads title from Plaid Hat Games, Forgotten Waters. We wrap the show chatting with Travis Reynolds of Queen Games.  Travis schools us in the ways of Craft Beer before he tells us all about the upcoming Feld Collection that will be hitting Kickstarter in mid-August.

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 Intro / Banter
0:08:45 Check in with the BB Guild
0:14:00 Gifts to WarRoom Studios
0:19:02 Camp Capstone
0:23:40 TNT - Then -- ft. Agricola
0:40:35 TNT - NOW
1:42:00 TNT - TOMORROW -- Hero Quest, Fuzzies and Fantasy Flight (OH MY!)
2:02:45 Van Ryder Games - Final Girl Pledge Manager
2:04:55 Feature Segment : Travis from Queen Games - Stefan Feld Collection

Board Game Timestamps:

Agricola - 0:23:40
Dealt - 1:01:01
Descent: Legends of the Dark - 2:00:20
Forgotten Waters - 1:24:38
Hero Quest Legacies - 1:51:58
Key Forge: Dark Tidings - 1:57:00
Key to the Kingdom - 1:47:30
Marvel Champions - 1:58:00
RallyMan GT - 1:06:40
Tapple - 0:56:52
Teotihuacan Expansion : Late Preclassic Period - 1:16:20
The Alpha - 0:40:35
The Fuzzies - 1:42:00
The Menace Among Us - 0:47:55
Twilight Imperium: Prophecy of Kings - 1:55:14
XMEN: Mutant Insurrection - 1:59:25

Jul 28, 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 7/28/20

This episode is brought to you by and Van Ryder Games. At its current state, this episode is JAM packed with boardgames!  Tune in to learn about The Search for Planet X, Noctiluca, Stick 'em, Traintopia, Watson & Holmes and the classic - Castle Panic. We also peek in on some exciting upcoming titles, including: Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, Monster Expedition and the new expansion for Undaunted - Undaunted: Reinforcements.  We chat about our involvement with Camp Capstone, the upcoming online convention put on by our 2019 Publisher of the Year: Capstone Games.  Camp Capstone will be a ton of fun and we are looking forward to MANY Brawlers joining us for their upcoming Brawling Brothers Bourbon & Whiskey night on Saturday, August 15th.  We also announce the Brawlers Blend 2020 - Head on over to our Brawlers Blend 2020 survey to tell us about your favorite games, contribute to the 2020 Blend and get entered to win something special!

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 - Intro / Banter
0:17:25 - Power to the Meeple - Summer Shopping
0:18:40 - TNT - Then -- Featuring Castle Panic
0:29:35 - TNT - NOW
1:13:09 - TNT - TOMORROW
1:33:35 - Giveaway : Meeple Realty War Chest Tokens
1:37:16 - Van Ryder Games - Final Girl Late Pledge
1:39:45 - Feature Segment : (Power Failure) Brawling Bros Blend 2019

Board Game Timestamps:

Castle Panic - 0:18:40
Monster Expedition - 1:25:58
Noctiluca - 0:44:56
Pandemic Season 0 - 1:13:09
Stick 'Em - 0:50:52
The Search for Planet X - 0:29:35
Traintopia - 0:56:55
Undaunted : Reinforcements - 1:29:00
Watson and Holmes - 1:02:27


Jul 14, 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 7/14/20

This episode is brought to you by and Van Ryder Games.  Alright Brawlers, this is one of those episodes that you absolutely can't miss!  It's tough to celebrate 5 years of podcasting, during a pandemic.  We were so sad that we couldn't have the Mashup Meetup at Origins this year, that we decided to have a virtual gathering instead.  Tune in and hear Josh and Brandon chat it up with their dear friends: Robb & Christina of Blue Peg Pink Peg and David from Man vs Meeple. Make sure you hang around after the feature segment for loads of bloopers and outtakes!

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 - Intro / Banter
0:01:55 - Celebrating 5 Years with Josh & Brandon
0:07:39 - Brawlers Choice - Cartographers; Play by Forum
0:11:39 - Meeple Realty Giveaway
0:30:30 - The Brawlers guess the Kennerspiel Winner
0:52:20 - Reflecting on the last year with Josh and Brandon
1:10:38 - Transition (Cat Sings)
1:14:10 - Feature Segment: Virtual Mashup Meetup

Board Game Timestamps:

Foothills - 0:40:50
Stellar - 0:16:45
The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine - 0:22:53
Wakanda Forever - 0:33:15



Jun 23, 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 6/23/20

This episode is brought to you by and Van Ryder Games.  Do we ever have a treat for you - A SUPER long, absolutely stacked episode that shows off exactly how awesome the future of boardgames is... Incredible kickstarters, EVERYWHERE -- Welcome to JUNKIE TOWN!  In this episode we discuss (spoiler free) the first 3 Scenarios of Roll Player Adventures, our multiple plays of the exciting upcoming Dead Reckoning and profess our love for the amazing Terraforming Mars Bigbox.  We also cover our recent plays of Concordia, Adventure Games: Dungeon and Sierra West.  Episode 128 is concluded with a hilarious conversation with Mark Maia of Board Game Coffee.


Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 - Intro / Banter
0:15:59 - TNT - THEN
0:16:00 - TNT - NOW
0:52:10 - TNT - TOMORROW (ft. Roll Player Adventures)
2:10:00 - Feature Segment : Mark Maia of Board Game Coffee

Board Game Timestamps:

Adventure Game: The Dungeon - 0:17:00
Concordia - 0:37:24
Dead Reckoning - 1:13:11
Ginkgopolis (Reprint) - 1:02:15
Masters of the Universe -0:58:00
Roll Player Adventures - 1:34:40
Sierra West - 0:28:45
Tekhenu - 1:08:10
Terraforming Mars Big Box - 0:52:20

May 26, 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 5/26/20

This episode is brought to you by, Arcane Wonders and Van Ryder Games. 2019 was an incredible year for boardgames!  In Episode 127 Josh and Brandon get to tell you what we think are the Best Boardgames of 2019 in a host of categories, including: Best Production / Presentation, Best Euro, Most Innovative and even Best Publisher.  Tune in to hear the 16 different awards that the Brawling Brothers hand out in their Best Boardgames of 2019 episode!

Episode Timeline:

00:00:00 - Intro / Banter
00:01:08 - Social Distance Gaming with B and Josh
00:06:28 - Virtual Gaming HumbleBundle (Mysterium, Carcassonne, Sythe, LoTR)
00:09:45 - Field of Arle with Jordan and B
00:13:10 - PC Gaming (Cultist Simulator, Civ 6, Old World)
00:21:15 - TableTopia vs Tabletop Simulator
00:24:50 - City Builder : Ancient World featuring InsideUP Games
00:36:21 - Giveaway Courtesy of
00:45:20 - Calling all Brawlers
00:46:15 - Feature Segment : Best Boardgames 0f 2019
-- 00:52:00 - Best Social Game
-- 00:55:04 - Best Reprint
-- 00:58:54 - Best Production / Presentation
-- 01:02:07 - Best Euro
-- 01:06:28 - Best Co-Op
-- 01:09:41 - Best Theming
-- 01:13:21 - Most Innovative Game
-- 01:16:00 - Most Underrated / Biggest Surprise
-- 01:18:10 - Best Expansion
-- 01:20:37 - Best Family Game
-- 01:22:37 - BEST Gaming Accessory
-- 01:25:21 - BEST 2 Player Game
-- 01:27:00 - Bad Ass Brawler
-- 01:30:56 - Best Publisher or Designer
-- 01:33:14 - Brawlers Choice Award
-- 01:03:44 - 2019 Boardgame of the Year

Board Game Timestamps:

Abomination : Heir of Frankenstein - 01:10:28
Age of Steam - 00:56:04
Azul Summer Pavilion - 01:21:10
Batman Gotham City Chronicles - 00:59:40
Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - 01:07:48
Capstone Games - 01:31:55
Cartographers - 01:21:00
Cartographers - 01:34:27
Castles of Burgundy - 00:56:09
Clank! Legacy : Acquisitions Incorporated - 01:41:33
Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated - 01:13:59
Conspiracy - 00:56:50
Cooper Island - 01:16:18
Crusader Kings - 01:10:07
Crusader Kings - 01:13:43
Detective City of Angels - 00:59:24
Detective City of Angels - 01:42:19
Dune - 00:56:25
Escape Plan - 01:03:27
Freshwater Fly - 01:16:37
Gloomhaven : Forgotten Circles - 01:18:28
Horrified - 01:07:53
Iron Clays - 01:23:25
Isle of Cats - 01:16:24
Isle of Cats - 01:21:05
King's Dilemma - 01:13:54
Letter Jam - 00:53:16
Maracaibo - 01:03:00
Maracaibo - 01:34:28
Maracaibo - 01:40:35
Marco Polo II: In The Service of the Khan -01:03:06
Medium - 00:53:21
Obscurio - 00:53:17
On Mars - 01:43:45
One Small Step - 01:10:14
Paladins of the West Kingdom - 01:03:13
Paladins of the West Kingdom - 01:39:40
Paladins of the West Kingdom 01:34:37
Pipeline - 01:03:25
Snowdonia - 00:56:37
Star Wars Outer Rim - 01:10:23
Tapestry - 00:59:45
Taverns of Tiefenthal - 01:16:27
Taverns of Tiefenthal 01:34:34
Terraforming Mars: Turmoil - 01:18:23
Tiny Towns - 01:21:07
UBoot - 01:00:01
UBoot - 01:07:55
Underwater Cities: New Discoveries - 01:18:20
WarChest : Nobility - 01:18:25
Watergate - 01:16:33
Watergate - 01:25:55
Wavelength - 00:53:19
Wavelength - 01:13:40
Wingspan - 00:59:30
Wingspan - 01:34:32


May 12, 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios - Albuquerque, NM : 5/12/20

This episode is brought to you by, Arcane Wonders and Van Ryder Games.  In this episode Brandon and Josh check in with all the Brawlers who are stuck at home during COVID-19... It turns out that food is a common thread during this unprecedented time, and Josh and Brandon ALWAYS have the inside scoop on food! Nominations are NOW open for the 1st annual Brawlers Choice award - the award that we will be awarding in our next episode to the game that the Brawlers think is the BEST game of 2019.  Final voting for the Brawlers Choice will begin on 5/16 at and will conclude at 8pm EST on 5/21 - don't miss out on your chance to vote for this exciting new award!  Brandon and Josh also interview the owner of Power to the Meeple, for the first time ever!  Learn more about Josh Perry and his online boardgame shop, Power to the Meeple.

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 - Intro / Banter
0:03:09 - Red Chile With Brandon and Jordan
0:06:03 - VM With Henry Kissenger
0:09:47 - Brawling Brothers Brawlers Choice Award - Nominate and Vote
0:13:00 - Top 100 Games with BoardGameSquad
0:25:27 - Van Ryder Games - Season 3
0:19:02 - TNT - Then -- Josh from PowerMeeps joins us for gmaing history
0:36:55 - TNT - NOW -- Featuring: Watergate, Reykholt & Fog of Love
1:38:25 - TNT - TOMORROW -- Featuring: Dead Reckoning
1:45:54 - Arcane Wonders - Foundations of Rome
1:47:37 - Feature Segment : Conversations with Josh from PowerMeeps

Board Game Timestamps:

Azul - 0:40:29
Dead Reckoning - 1:39:20
Fog of Love - 0:53:25
Gunkimono - 0:41:30
Mecardo De Lisboa - 1:38:25
Pandemic - 0:37:22
Praga Caput Regni - 1:42:10
Reykholt - 1:05:25
The Kings Dilemma - 1:10:49
Ticket to Ride: First Journey - 0:36:55
Watergate - 0:47:25

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